Driving growth and the greater good.

We like to speak about our innovation programs in terms of results—because there are a thousand ways they can make a measurable difference for organizations and individuals. 

New skill sets provide a pathway for creativity and produce differentiated growth. New competencies create career opportunities where none existed before. New peer networks accelerate the pace of change. And lives are touched when business is improved not just for a financial return, but for the greater good.

Featured Case Studies

Once you complete our seven-month Certified Innovation Mentor™ program, our week-long Boot Camp, or our short-format Green Light workshop, you’ll find the gears of change turning much more quickly in the workplace. Here are some of the ways our innovation programs have made a lasting impact on participants:

Amsted Industries

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Amsted Industries recognized the need for a company-wide culture of innovation to support its strategies for long-term growth. To develop that culture, Amsted sent teams to Notre Dame’s Innovation Mentor Boot Camp to equip them with a complete toolbox for fostering innovation throughout the organization. Attendees came back with critical skills that helped them create and implement brand-new initiatives—plus establish time, space, and support for great new ideas to flourish.

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Exelon Corporation

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With formidable challenges on the horizon for the nuclear industry, Exelon made innovation a business imperative and began sending key leaders to Notre Dame’s Certified Innovation Mentor program. Equipping Exelon’s leaders with the processes and tools they needed to spread innovation throughout the organization has produced results that are nothing short of phenomenal.

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What Our Participants Say

Learning innovation theory is important, but learning hands-on application as part of CIMp was magical.

—Luiz Cunha, Global Quality Senior Manager, Whirlpool
Certified iMentor

CIMp included a really top-caliber group of people, from the participants themselves to the faculty and the guest speakers. The coursework centered on what’s important to us as innovation practitioners—the real information that people driving innovation need to know—and then took the next step by actually teaching us how to apply what we learned. That’s something you rarely see in other programs.

—Kim Saville, Director of Innovation Processes, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

CIMp was inspirational. There was such an incredible dynamic between the programming and the outside perspective the faculty brought in—so many new, creative options to explore.

—Garrick Ducat, Learning Professional, OhioHealth
Certified iMentor

We already had an innovation framework in place, but one of the most important things I learned at CIMp was that we had to improve discovery at the front end. So we’ve really started to build exploration, implementing a structured approach to search for new opportunities for ING.

—Angelique Plugge, Innovation Driver, ING
Certified iMentor

I highly recommend this program—one of the best parts of CIMp is the networking to continue to build the innovation community. 

—Ron Yartz, Continuous Improvement/Innovation Coordinator, Johnsonville Sausage
Certified iMentor

At Bobcat, we were looking for ways to bring our employees together in a culture of innovation, and CIMp acted as a springboard for that effort by giving us the processes, tools, and methodology we needed. Plus we gained so much from the connections we made at Whirlpool, Beacon Health, and the University of Notre Dame

—Matt Sagaser, Director, Innovation Accelerated, Bobcat
Certified iMentor

I think a lot of organizations understand the importance of innovation as a competitive advantage, and many believe they’re good at it. But the opportunity with CIMp is to learn a process that most organizations probably aren’t using right now. It’s a methodology that practitioners can adapt quickly to their own situation to accelerate innovation.

—Dan Asleson, CEO, YMCA Michiana
Certified iMentor