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Harnessing the power of ideas to propel your organization forward.

Our people are the heart of our programs—and they’re dedicated to helping you wherever you are in your innovation journey. 

Our distinguished multidisciplinary team consists of innovation leaders at top companies, visionaries in the field, and leading innovation strategy consultants who combine the very best of knowledge and hands-on practice to bring you innovation programming that makes a lasting impact.

Faculty and Presenters

Donna Porter, Innovation Program Director

Donna Porter

Donna is an accomplished organizational development professional with more than 25 years of global experience in the fields of learning and talent development as well as strategic change management. During her 16 year tenure at Whirlpool, Donna successfully completed Innovation Mentor training, led global projects on behalf of Whirlpool University; oversaw an innovative early career in-take program for the U.S. Sales organization and led global training and change efforts for a multi-year HR system and and process transformation.  Donna has also worked within the travel industry where she obtained deep subject matter expertise in travel technology and the niche segment of student, youth and budget travel.

Donna earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University; a Master of Organizational Development from Bowling Green State University and is a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation.

Sue Mosby, Instructor

Sue Mosby

Sue is the founder and CEO of Infinium, an innovation consultancy that helps senior leaders embrace innovation, define their strategic direction, create new products and services, and embed innovation competency into their organizations. Sue has helped companies across a wide spectrum of industries, including financial services, consumer products, engineering, telecommunications, technology, and manufacturing.

Philip A. Newbold, Instructor

 Philip A. Newbold

Phil is the former CEO of Beacon Health System and a respected innovation leader in the health care industry. Under his direction, Memorial Hospital and Health System of South Bend became a model for the healthy communities movement—and one of the first hospitals to invest 10% of annual excess revenues into health and wellness initiatives for the larger community. Phil is a frequent speaker and author on health care trends and the power of innovation to reform the industry.

Moisés Noreña, Instructor

Moisés  Noreña

Moisés, Vice President of Innovation for Fortune Brands, is a renowned innovation practitioner, mentor, teacher, speaker, writer, and thought leader. His perspectives have appeared in leading publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes and Fast Company. Moisés was the 2013 winner of the Harvard Business Review/MIX “Innovating Innovation” M-Prize

Nancy Tennant, Ph.D., Instructor

Nancy Tennant, Ph.D.

A consultant, professor, and best-selling author, Nancy is one of the world’s leading innovation practitioners. She led the creation of billions in new revenue for Whirlpool Corporation by turning it into an innovation powerhouse—one of the reasons Bloomberg Businessweek named her to its list of 25 Innovation Champions. She’s a co-founder of Whirlpool University, the company’s groundbreaking leadership training institute, and of the Certified Innovation Mentor program here at Mendoza.

Peter A. Zapf, Instructor

Peter A. Zapf

Peter is the Design Planning Lead at Fogpilot LLC, a Chicago-based innovation consultancy. He has more than 20 years of experience writing and providing brand strategy at nationally renowned agencies. Peter holds a Masters of Design Methods degree from IIT’s Institute of Design, a leading source of human-centered design and innovation education. He is also a FourSight certified facilitator.

About iVia

Innovation Academy developed from an idea conceived by the University of Notre Dame and partners Whirlpool Corporation and Beacon Health System. Our initial collaboration became known as “iVia”—literally, “the way of innovation.” 

Our mission? To construct a comprehensive, unbiased, rigorous framework for innovation education. This framework would make sense of the fragmented theories of innovation in the marketplace and create a standard for innovation competency where none had previously existed.

Our partnership came together around a set of shared values:

  • Business is a force for good, and bigger thinking in business should lead to a better world.
  • Innovation is critical to an organization’s survival.
  • One size does not fit all when it comes to innovation. Each organization must find its own best solution.
  • The path to innovation is not a straight line. It’s dynamic and abstract—and, yes, often messy and uncomfortable. This is a fact organizations must embrace.
  • To succeed, you must apply a structured process to the dynamic energy of innovation. You must fuse the analytical and the creative.

These values led us to create our Unifying Innovation Methodology™, which is the core approach we teach in all our innovation programs. We also created our flagship offering, the Certified Innovation Mentor™ program, to certify participants in this approach, identifying them as thought leaders and advanced practitioners in the field of innovation.

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