Innovation Mentor Boot Camp

Giving your teams the skills to achieve transformation.

If you want to differentiate your business and drive growth, you must innovate—there’s no other path to success. But how do you foster innovation across an entire company? How do you give all your teams the language and process skills they need to think creatively and make sustainable leaps forward—no matter what their current role?

This challenge of implementing a culture of innovation is very real, and it’s exactly why we created our intensive five-day workshop called Innovation Mentor Boot Camp. Designed in a format for multiple teams from the same organization, IMBC teaches participants the fundamental methodologies of innovation, gives them hands-on experience in one exemplary tool, and sends them back to the workplace with a personal action plan for success.

Who Should Attend

Organizational teams that need a tangible set of skills and a concrete action plan to drive innovation. Each Boot Camp session is tailored from a core curriculum for team members from a single organization, and we welcome organizations of all sizes from a wide range of industries.


  • Five days (Monday through Friday) on our Chicago campus
  • Format includes lectures, case studies, classroom interaction, and team challenges


Innovation Mentor Boot Camp teaches the basics of our core approach to generating innovations—which we call the Unifying Innovation Methodology™—along with guidance on how to set the stage for success, embed innovation into your culture, and lead it across the enterprise. We’ll also equip your organization’s teams with one powerful and simple innovation tool for each phase of generating innovations that we call the Minimal Viable Option.  

Each team will learn how to . . .

  • Create a working definition of innovation
  • Link innovation strategies to your company’s overall business goals
  • Identify barriers to innovation and create action plans to address them
  • Frame and drive innovation through smart storytelling
  • Build a robust support network for innovation

Each participant will get . . .

  • Direct experience solving problems using lean and fast innovation tools
  • Personalized feedback on his or her own innovation style
  • Feedback on a 90-day action plan that can be implemented immediately upon return to work

Your teams will benefit from the deep experience of our faculty of innovation practitioners, who hail from some of the world’s leading companies and consultancies.

Dates, Fees, & Registration

Program Dates:

  • March 11-14, 2019
  • Application deadline:  February 15, 2019

Program Fees*:

  • $7,200 USD for an individual participant
  • Not-for-profit &/or additional 2–5 participants from the same organization, $5,995 USD per person

*Fees are non-refundable.


  • Coming soon!


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Boot Camp Impact

Learn how the Innovation Mentor Boot Camp touched off a cascade of innovation efforts for manufacturing company Amsted Industries.

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