Rapid c2c (Rapid Concept to Commercialization)

Bringing breakthrough moments to initiatives and organizations.

Are you facing a specific organizational challenge that calls for creative engagement at all levels of the company? Do you have a stalled initiative in need of a boost? Or maybe you’re looking ahead to issues on the horizon—and you realize you need to speed up current innovation efforts across the board.

Rapid c2c (Rapid Concept to Commercialization) is our highly customized project-focused innovation program that enables you to find groundbreaking solutions for specific challenges you’re facing. We can support you as you build effective innovation teams, explore new innovation methodologies suited to your needs, and remove stubborn barriers to success. Think of Rapid c2c as our “just in time” innovation support program—designed just for you, right at the moment you need it.

Who Should Attend

Organizational leaders and teams involved in the challenge this custom session is designed to address. We welcome organizations of all sizes from a wide range of industries, for profit and not-for-profit alike. 


  • Three days total (two half-days and two full days) 
  • Includes case studies, videos, exercises, simulations, and discussion groups
  • Each course module is followed by breakout work sessions coached by Notre Dame faculty that tackle specific pieces of your organizational challenge


Rapid c2c allows you to choose from a comprehensive catalog of innovation programming to design a course addressing your organization’s specific needs.  

For example, your teams can focus on . . .

  • Basic competencies in framing and driving innovation
  • Specific innovation frameworks and tools
  • Using management systems for speed and scale
  • Models for creative collaboration
  • Open innovation techniques
  • Designing and leading idea generation sessions
  • The role of leaders in innovation
  • Almost any innovation-related tool or technique that will help you succeed

The possibilities for Rapid c2c programming are nearly endless, and our experienced faculty of innovators at the IDEA Center can guide you toward the course content that can best help you overcome your challenges and reach your goals.

Dates, Fees, & Registration

This is a custom program and dates will be scheduled in consultation with your organization. Contact Donna Porter at dporter5@nd.edu for additional information. 

Program Fees*:

Fees include materials, lodging, and meals and vary based on program content, delivery, and number of participants. Travel is not included.

*Fees are non-refundable.